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Best Rental Serviced Office Spaces in London

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Questions to Ask Before Looking for Best Rental Office Spaces in London

Everyone who has worked in a corporate environment has a sense of understanding toward office spaces. It has contributed a lot to the growth of any business in the long run.

It is not always tough to find the best rental serviced office spaces in London. If you have dealt with the questions that pop up when you initiate your search, it is likely that you would come up with the right choice. You can end up with the right kind of service if you have answered the entire questions.

Details About Serviced Office Providers

Instant Office is known for delivering the best results when it comes to serviced offices. The price range of serviced offices for rent in Leadenhall Street is around £583 per person per month while in the Old Jewry area, you can get a serviced office at £500 per person per month. You would get modern amenities like broadband internet, meeting rooms, 24 hour security and other facilities that would prove worthy. Landmark Plc is also a reputed name when it comes to rental serviced offices. You can avail special offers as well when you opt for their service. The price range varies according to the location. London Offices is a company which has a list of serviced offices to rent all across London. From London Bridge to Westminster, you can get offices mid-range to grade A. The prices vary from £450 to £1200 depending on location. Fulwood Place has serviced offices to rent £600 per person per month. The offices are equipped with quality facilities. Bloomsbury Way is another option if you want to rent serviced office. The price range starts from £350 per person per month.

Needs of The Best Rental Serviced Office Spaces in London

Before beginning your hunt for the best rental serviced space in London, the initial question you must ask yourself is that if the office space can handle the growth of your business. You can choose an office space based on your current needs and the number of employees you have. Then as your business would expand, it is certain that you’d have additions to your team. If your office space cannot handle these additions, it is certain that the morale of your work environment would go down and halt the progress. To bear this progress, you should be aware of the space you need when there are additions on the way. You can sign a deal with your landlord that if any space around is vacant, you can negotiate accordingly.

Convenience of Your Employees

The office space you pick up has to be in level terms with your employees. To simplify, you are not the only one working in the environment. There are plenty others who work with you and also for you. If you over look their needs and convenience, you can create a negative atmosphere accordingly. The fact that you’ve employed people to work for the benefit of your business must be taken into consideration. Your employees must feel comfy while they are at work. Make note of the location as it is one of the significant factors. It can lead to a reduction in the number of employees, if not handled carefully.

Your Office Space Determines Various Aspects

Think of it as the signals you’re sending with your office space. In simple terms, when you choose your office space, it has effects on your business relations as well. When a client related to your business visits your office space, the atmosphere can speak a lot about the work. If it is all cramped up, it can create a negative impact in your clients’ minds. They would think about the financial health of your company. A positive work environment with enough space and modern facilities can give the right signals to your clients.


Following points can be determined after going through above mentioned information

  • Your office space must comply to the growth of your business or company
  • You should consider providing best facilities to your employees
  • You must look for convenience to your client’s commutation
  • Your office space speaks to your business clients as well
  • You should consider about parking factors when choosing a space

With all said and done, if you answer these questions with effectivity, it is likely that you would end up finding the best rental serviced office spaces in London. Above all, you should look for the right answers.

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