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Best Rental Serviced Office Spaces in New York

New York Serviced Office

If you have started with your business, you need to look for best rental serviced office spaces in New York. It is a necessity which must be included in the list of your logistics. Serviced offices come with the entire modern amenities included. You just need to look for the right service provider.

Office hours need concentration as well as comfort. Find a perfect space for your new office with facilities that can create an atmosphere of confidence.

Details and Price Range of Few Providers

Instant offices provide you with a fully furnished office at Park Avenue, Midtown NY at $4000 per office per month, with all the modern facilities. If you have World Trade Center in mind then it would cost you $1500 per month. You can easily get a serviced office in New York at $473 per office per month at Dean Street. It would be a fully furnished office with broadband internet and meeting rooms as well.

Regus is also a well-known service provider when it comes to serviced offices. You can compare a number of office spaces and choose according to your budget. The price range varies from $84.90 per person per day to $120 per person per day depending upon a 24 month agreement. Apart from this, Fifth Avenue is providing serviced office space at $600 per month with quality facilities and appropriate space. Then there is Ave of America, which has serviced office space at reasonable rates. The rate depends upon your need of space as well as move in date. It can be flexible too. The location is appropriate according to your needs. Also Broad Street has an office space, which is fully furnished and secure. The price range is $500 per office per month.

Searching for the Best Rental Serviced Office Spaces in New York

The important question you should ask yourself before looking for an office space for rent is how much space you need to set it all up. It is a genuine question which can determine a lot of aspects. The first aspect is your budget. When you answer this question, you can fix a particular amount for the office space and keep it aside. Before determining the budget, make sure you have enough resources for other purposes as well. The budget will always depend upon the amount of space you require. In this case, count the number of employees and then decide accordingly. The last thing you want is a cramped up space which can lower down the morale of your employees.

Other Aspects to Take in Consideration

After you’ve decided your budget and the amount of space you need, another factor that must be included in your decision making process is your employees. It should be the most important pillar of your conclusion. The fact that you’re picking up an office space in which they’ve to work is what that makes it all the more necessary. Make sure that you consider the factors related to your employees. The first one is that the office space must be located where your employees to not find difficult to commute. It is one of the significant factors as well. The point that your employees have to give their best makes the choice of location important.

Looking for Co-operative Work Environment

Office spaces in New York can cost you some money. As mentioned above you should fix a budget for yourself. However, you must understand the significance of a work environment where your employees can connect to each other. In other words you should look for office spaces which provide team-friendly atmosphere, a meeting space and also individual desks. These factors are deemed necessary by experts for they push the institution towards progress. These can help you build a progressive atmosphere and responsibility towards co-workers.


Following points can be concluded after going through above mentioned information:

  • Before coming to conclusion, you must decide the amount of space you require
  • The space which you require can decide the budget
  • Take in consideration your employees’ commutation
  • The location must not be outreaching by any means
  • Look for a more team-friendly office space
  • You can go for an agent with a good record

As the above mentioned points state, you can find the best rental serviced office spaces in New York if you’ve figured out the significant factors. The decision is up to you.

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