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Best Rental Virtual Offices in London

The Growth in Finding The Best Rental Virtual Offices in London

With the advancements of internet, there are virtual offices being set up. These offices have contributed a lot in saving money and pushing the bars of progress.

When we talk about best rental virtual offices in London, we are discussing the growth in technology in the corporate world. Virtual offices have been a choice to many, simply because of the services they provide. You can rely on the services of virtual office because it has numerous benefits.

Details About Virtual Office Providers

You can get virtual office services from Capital Office, a renowned name in the field of rentals. Virtual offices would cost you less than serviced offices. If you opt for a 3 month package, a virtual office in London would cost about £45. You can get a six month package at £67.50 with maximum benefits. There is also a yearly plan which includes every kind of service provided in a virtual office. The plan costs around £92.50. Apart from this, The Virtual Office, which started in the year 1980, provides virtual offices at competitive rates. The packages include £100 per month and £87 per month for mailing address. Servcorp is a leading company when it comes to virtual office providers. You can get your office in about £175 per month. Regus is also a credible service provider when it comes to virtual offices. They provide professional address at £27 per month and virtual offices at £84 per month. Velocity is an option that you can always count on. They provide virtual offices around London at £54 per month. You can also get a call answering service at £35 per month which is reasonable comparatively. Virtual+Day office costs around £170 per month.

Progressive Environment in Best Rental Virtual Offices in London

The primary aspect of any working space is the situation related to employees. It is important that your employees feel that they can contribute to the progress. Moreover, it is your responsibility to give your employees the feeling that they are a part of a big family. To accomplish this factor, you can set up a virtual office for them. To know how this can help, you should know that sitting on a desk can have an impact on your health. Thus creating a virtual office space can help in this aspect as well. Your employees can be more active through the network as you’ve created a virtual office space.

The Growth of Your Company/Business

With virtual office space, you can easily witness the growth of your business, financially as well as morally. The money you’d usually spend on renting a real office space stays in your bag. This is a huge addition to your resources. With the money saved, you can easily boost other factors of your company without worrying about resources. Maybe you can add to the team of co-workers as well. Another way virtual offices save money is by cutting down commutation charges of your employees. You also do not need to worry about any sort of parking sites as well. These factors play a major role in uplifting your employees’ morale. They also can save a lot of money and work flexibly.

Employees’ Satisfaction

Another aspect that comes in the bag with virtual offices is the fact that employees feel more satisfied with working in the particular environment. Initially, they would feel relieved that they do not have to move up and down the city for work. This factor can be a huge stress if a person works in a big city like London. It is not always possible to give their best after facing hours of traffic and burning gas at uncontrollable rates. The fact that they can save some money and energy adds to the satisfaction of your employees.


Following points can be concluded with the above mentioned information

  • Virtual offices do not chain your employees to desk, giving them enough liberty
  • They contribute to the financial health as no rent is required for any space
  • Your employees feel less stressed as they do not have to commute
  • The work hours are flexible thus vacation time is blended
  • You do not need to pay for parking sites or tickets, saving some money for the business

With these points clearing out, you should start looking for best rental virtual offices in London as they can contribute more to your business.

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