What is Coworking?

The Best of Coworking Spaces

Co working has slowly gained momentum in the last couple of years and it is one of the most important ways to work from home or from your own private office. It offers flexibility, network opportunities and a chance to meet other people who are working together but not for the same company.

What is Coworking?

Coworking is a term which generally describes any situation where two or more people work together from the same location but not for the same company. Instead of working in separate offices or separate spaces, professional who are virtually working for a company get together and work from one single place and share the same working environment. This can be on a part time basis or for regular working hours, depending on how you would like to work and your job privacy.

Coworking Space

A co working space usually refers to a space like a café, as well as an office like setting or a hired garage with chairs, tables and internet connection or even someone’s home. The main idea of a co working space is that, though people are not working on the same project, they get to know each other, make friends, indulge in chitchats and regular activities and also thus have a greater sense of productivity.

The Advantages of Coworking

According to Wikipedia, Co working space helps in community building and a feeling of satisfaction. It helps you to stay happy as you are not isolated. It helps in collaboration, openness, sustainability, accessibility and more. People working individually from home might miss out on all the fun in office as well. People working in office have a regular place to go to, meet a number of people, and have a bonding among them. You can thus maintain your privacy and your freedom and at the same time meet with a number of people altogether.

What You Should Need in order to Cowork?

In order to co work you should have patience, perseverance, and a good work style as well. There are various websites as well where you can try out if you want to work in a co working place. All work cannot be performed in a co working workplace. Some kind of work can be performed in these kinds of work places. It is not about working in a physical place, but establishing a new community all together.

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