Serviced Office

What is Serviced Office?

The Definition of a Serviced Office

A Serviced office is an office that is usually offered to clients on a flexible term unlike the conventional lease that requires a great deal of furnishing, internet connection data connection and lease periods.

What is a Serviced Office?

A Serviced office is an office or a building that can be used as an office and is fully equipped and managed by a facility management company. The company again rents individual offices to other companies. Serviced offices are also known as managed offices, executive suites, business centers or executive centers. Serviced offices are available in business towns and metropolitan cities. There are different brokers for serviced offices who are found all over the world. They help business owners and facility management companies rent office space.

Why are Serviced Offices in Demand?

Companies who offer serviced offices offer working in a more flexible atmosphere as well as flexible rental terms. They do not follow the conventional lease policy where proper furnishing, equipments are required. The space is also flexible and additional space is available at a short notice as well. Tenants can also share reception services, business machines as well as other accessories that are affordable and cheap unlike other companies. Serviced offices are usually available on immediate occupation. The offices are well furnished, offer plug and play internet connection so that companies can get to work immediately.

How are They Offered?

Serviced office space is offered by license rather than rental agreement. Thus the legal costs are low and clients also have less to commit to. Clients can pay on a monthly basis instead of quarterly. The charges are inclusive of rent rates, cleaning, maintenance, Security, IT and telecom sectors. Serviced offices also allow tenants to share meeting rooms, business accessories, and other materials at reduced costs and easy access to all kinds of facilities which may be otherwise expensive.

Why Use a Serviced Office?

A Serviced office is a complete solution which is fully furnished, fitted with equipments and ready for immediate occupancy. All services of the building are taken care of by a good facility management group along with reception services, telephone answering services, networking and high speed internet and conference and meeting room facilities. Almost all serviced offices are fitted with updated and latest furniture, tables for meeting rooms, filing systems and so on.

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